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With decades of combined experience in system and application architecture, Black Arc Security's team of veteran certified security experts can quickly evaluate and mitigate risks within your organization.

Black Arc Security consultants have helped secure hundreds of clients all across the globe, and have previously been employed by or subcontracted for some of the nations' leading security firms, including Accuvant Labs, Fishnet Security, GuidePoint Security, and Optiv.

Let our team of trusted experts help your organization review and secure your infrastructure, SaaS and mobile applications today.

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"After being featured on the evening news, our mobile application gained much unexpected attention which led to some unwanted attacks. Black Arc Security quickly identified areas of concern that helped our engineers lower any possibility of remote exploits."

Noel Geren


Advancements in cloud architectures and the boom of SaaS based businesses have moved security concerns out of personal networks into public clouds increasing the risk and exposure of software vulnerabilities. Black Arc Security's team of veteran security experts have worked with numerous cloud providers and systems. Contact us today about your cloud testing needs.


Utilizing an up to date exploit database our team of penetration testers can uncover critical vulnerabilities within your system architecture and applications. The Black Arc Security veteran team of experts utilize both automated tools and manual methods to quickly identify areas of concern and offer mitigation suggestions.


Unlike other firms, Black Arc's team started in software design and architecture. We understand application lifecycles and have been involved with multiple enterprise system designs from the ground up. This allows us to quickly pinpoint areas of concern that warrant further testing, giving your developers insight into vulnerabilities for new and existing products.

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